Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To-Do Lists, Projects, and Goals! Oh, MY!

Things are coming along slow but sure with my new online paper crafting store.  I can't believe how much I need to learn!  I'm still getting a handle on (in no particular order) how to balance two jobs, Facebook, Web Site, Blogs and Etsy projects, family, pets, our garden, the endless work of our version of restoring our old house, organizing my craft room/studio, charities I care about so much, learning how to cook, a secret project that I have been trying to complete for a year (YES! A year), being a friend, living creatively, and my absolutely top of the list goal: to fulfill the promise I have made to myself -- to follow in my friend's good example, and be what she called "God's hand extended"--no matter how scary it gets.  I can tell you now, that it is challenging, but that is the stuff our life stories are built of, isn't it?  So, here we go!