Saturday, February 25, 2012

2009 Completed

It's a miracle! I'm so happy to be done with this scrapbook!  
It was so much fun re-living some of these memories and getting my scrapbooking groove back but, it's also a joy for my art room to be back in order! :)

Now, this last page is a bit unconventional.  The simple reason for this is because I originally planned it to be a 1 page lay out but,there were just too many cute pictures! I had to make it a double layout.  Well... you can see that the background page's are not the same color... 1 guess why.... I didn't have two of the same color!  haha... and I really wanted to complete this.  So I found the scraps of matching paper and just forced myself to make it work. 
Since this one layout is really two events I separated each event onto one colored paper.... so it seems like it's supposed to look different.  (tricky, I know. haha)
I still need to add in the journaling but overall I'm happy with it. 

This page "Brisbane" is about when my Mom, Dad, and Sister were in Australia right before my wedding. We went the the Kangaroo park and held Koalas and fed Kangaroo's.  It was a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoyed this scrapbook.  I will be starting on 2010 very soon!  Right now I'm in planning stage.  

What are you guys working on?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Give back with Card Making: NBF's Card Drive

We will send you all of the supplies required to make 6 cards for NBF's Card Drive. Post a comment on Facebook that says "I'm in!" Simple as that! Joy will send you everything you need to make 6 cards for NBF. When you return your beautiful creations before May 1, Joy will send YOU a surprise, to thank you for your help! 
Don't worry if you have never made a card before, no problem! 
Joy will include a pattern, simple directions, and copies of cards will be posted on our blog 
Everything is provided, except for adhesive and your creative touch. Card design and colors may vary. Limited quantity of kits! Help us help NBF in their worthy endeavor.

Here is how easy it will be to create your card. 
Step 1: 
Fold Card in Half

Step 2: Adhere piece 1

Step 3: Adhere piece 2

Step 4: Adhere piece 3

Step 5: Adhere piece 4


Dont forget to add any special personal touches you'd like!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Scrapbooking Story: Last Weeks Progress....

My Scrapbooking Story: Last Weeks Progress....

Last Weeks Progress....

Hi everyone!  Allison here!

Well, today is one of the Maine winter days.  Those days where its so cold that all you want to do in snuggle in bed, read, and watch movies. Alas, for me in my world that means cancel all previous plans and attempt to complete all my pages.

First up.... "Searching 4 Moose" 
* Something to note about me.... I'm HORRIBLE at coming up with those cute scrapbooking titles.  My titles are always very clear and descriptive as to what is happening in those pictures. --Maybe someday I'll have a better scrapbooking brain. 
! Also, I seemed to be a massive failure in journaling this time around.  It could possibly be that I was wishing I could scrapbook cuddled in bed. 

Anyways, this page is about when Nic and I went up to Rangley Lake, Maine with the goal to see a Moose. I was a long 3 hour drive and we had NO CLUE where to find moose. So we drove around looking for lake access.  But, because it was fall the lake was closed off to tourist so we sat around by the woods hoping a moose would just walk right on up to us.  It didn't. After a few hours and once it started getting dark we headed home... Then as I'm driving down a curvy road at 45 mph, out of the corner of my eye I saw something that I've never seen before and it freaked me out!  I knew it was a Moose! So I pressed the breaks and reversed and there was a mom and her baby moose drinking from a stream.  It was amazing.  AND SCARY!  Moose are HUGE!  

For this page, I took brown Bazzill paper and drew trees then cut them out. I then used a piece of Sassafras Starter paper for the background. I punched out circles with different colored paper for the leaves. And to add a bit of whimisy I used Jenni Bowlin Studios chipboard butterflies with ink and glitter. 

Page 2: Party!  This page is dedicated to all the crazy nights out in Australia. This group of friends are pretty much what we called the "Contiki" group (Sans Ben--tall guy in the back of the bottom right hand corner) We all came together in Europe.  I spent all of Europe with the crew... And the fun from Europe was then in Australia. 

Page 3: "Australia"  This page is dedicated to Australia.  It's just photos of things that are uniquely australian.  Honeslty, I don't love this page... It may need to be re-worked but for now this is it.

What I do love about this page is the paper and this is why I haven't changed anything!  The paper I from

Page 5: "Zoo"  This page is about when Nic and I were in Philips Island in Australia. We went to the Koala Zoo and there were also so many fun Australian animals.  It really is amazing the difference between their animals and ours. 

Page 6: "Pumpkin Carving." 
Nic and I came back to America just one or two days before Halloween.  I didn't want to miss the Fall activities that are around Halloween so my Mom, Nic, and I made Jack-o-lanterns.  It was so much fun!  I love getting to spend time with my parents!

Page 7 "Remember"
This page is very special to me.  When I was in Australia a very dear, very close, family friend passed away unexpectedly.  I wasn't able to come back for her services and I will say that I a major mistake.  I don't think I ever got to properly mourn that loss and it still grieves me to this day. It was really nice making this page and thinking about Kitty and all of the wonderful years we had together.  It's strange how someone who isn't family can become like a second mother. I will always miss our friend Kitty Goldpaint. 

Page 8: "Florida" 
This page is from before Nic and I got married and lived in Australia.  This was when he was visiting America.  My Aunt lives in Florida and in attempts to escape the cold Maine winter Nic and I went down to Florida to visit.  It was really fun.  We spent a week (or two)  going to the beach, swimming in the ocean, visiting Miami, Key West, and Universal Studios.  We always attended our friend Elizabeth's wedding.  It was a great trip!

I only have a few more pages left! But my To-Do list keeps pushing Scrapbooking aside.  Hopefully I will get the last pages done in the next week and I can get re-organized and move on to 2010!