Monday, March 4, 2013

New Season

I did not post for awhile. My mom passed away 12/31/12, and I didn't feel very much like blogging. I really didn't do a lot creatively these past months, either, but I think that is natural. I needed time to think about her. Anything I say will never convey how I feel, so I will just say, I love my mother. I am so grateful I will see her again.

As for the store. It's still a labor of love. I feel like I should be further along, but I try to give myself a break, and remind myself that I am learning. Everything about this venture is an act of love. I have a plan, and I am working it!
I've added a new aisle, our Yard Sale! My thought is to list stamps I used in classes at discounted prices. A lot of the stamps are ink stained, others are nearly brand new. The prices vary, but everything is discounted. I want to find them homes. Oh, by the way... this terrific woman from Australia bought a stamp, and she asked me if I would remove it from the mount, to help with shipping cost. I was happy to do that for her. If there is ever something you would like to talk about, please bring it up. Email me through the, and I'll do my best to answer within a day.

As for product, you probably have noticed I have a mix of new, new, new, and hard to find. That is because I carry what I love, and I carry what I can't find enough of. So, if you don't find it anywhere else, you may find it with us. My shop is small, but my hope is to stock it with little surprises, you will really like.

Last year, I created our first Page Kit and we did a Card Kit fundraiser for New Brothers Fellowship. I am going to build on that this year. So look for more original kits from me. One thing I want to do is actually put mini classes up. Let's see if by summer I can get that going. I loved Allison posting how she made her own embellishments on this blog last year! So cute! That is the sort of thing I am thinking about--quick and simple techniques to inspire you.

As for contests and such? Yes. Those will poke their heads up, too. I'll always list those on FB, too.

Shipping is a big pain! It is very hard to get 12 x 12 paper to you, cheaply AND safely. So bear with me. I am still trying to find options. Right now, most people select USPS Priority Mail.

I have nearly finished a very important project. I only have a few more lay-outs, and I will have finished an album for my dear, dear friend, Kitty. She left me an envelope of pictures, and asked me to make her a book. These pictures are little chapters of a fantastic human being's life story, just glimpses, but so precious. I am nearly done. It has been a bittersweet process, and one I am so glad to have undertaken. I can't share the pages with you, because this is not my story to tell. So, I complete the pages, and I send them to her wonderful daughter, Julie, wrapped with all of my love for my friend.

When I finish Kitty's book, then I can finish three grand-baby projects! One for my daughter, Beth's lovely Mother-in-Law, Sue, and two for Beth. And, then? Two wedding books. One for Beth and one for Allison. I seriously can hardly wait to get to those, because they are each so unique! I'll show you those pages, OK? I also need to finish my snowman project for 2012! Yes, 2012. I'll explain later : ) And, of course Easter cards.
Well, I think I am caught up. Spring is around the corner. It's hard to believe with the mountains  of snow outside, but you can feel it! Soon, it will be time to garden again. I hope you are well and I hope you make something, today. Have fun! It's your art, you cannot do it wrong. It's your story, no one else can tell it.