Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Crafting. 27 Days and Counting.

Christmas is around the corner, we all know that. I am feeling the creativity crunch. I have a lot of making to do, and only- shall I say it! Only, 27 actual days to get it all done. On Christmas Eve every gift will be tucked into a stocking or set under a tree--one way or the other. The truth is, despite my complaining, I love making gifts for my family and friends. I already love to be creative, no doubt, but there is something deep-down satisfying about creating for someone you love. I always wish I could do just a little bit more, yet once I wrap my little gift, attach the tag, and send it on its way, I feel gratified. It is a hug, disguised as a felt snowman, or a set of handmade cards, and I know my gift is perfect as it is, even though I am completely aware of all of its imperfections. You may be like me, busy with a job, and family responsibilities. Maybe, you have a few too many bills this year?  It could be that there are some challenges to your goal of keeping the spirit of Christmas glowing in your heart? I'm right there with you... Life is just not perfect. It's creative, spontaneous, accidental. Things happen. Those of us that "make things" we know all about that. We just work around it. We make it happen. It's all part of the creative story, the goofs and flaws, as well as the perfection. So, I am going to pull out my basket of craft projects, and soon-to-be-Christmas gifts, and I will (slowly but surely) send everyone a Christmas hug, disguised as a cross-stitched bookmark, or maybe a scrapbooked wreath...
Happy Christmas Crafting

Saturday, November 10, 2012

a little update

hi everyone
i remember when i was a teenager people would say that time goes by so much quicker the older you get and I didn't really understand.
However, as every year passes this becomes more and more real to me. this year has gone by sooo fast
as I finished my last scrapbook I intended to take a small break. Then before you know it its summer and all I want to do is play. Then I'm starting a new job which took up sooo much time, now things are settleing down and now the holidays are here,the year is almost over, and I still have two scrapbooks to finish!
Its time to start utilizing my time a little better!

My sister and I have started a photography company Strawberry Patch Photography.  This has taken up SO much time but, it has been so much fun and I can't wait to scrapbook some of these photos we have taken!  
I'm hope to make a Scrapbook/Portfolio of our photos.  But, that wont be for a little while. :)

Right now, I'm working on some homemade Christmas presents and then the big plan is to bust out at LEAST one more scrapbook before the end of the year.  I'm determined! 

Looking back on my "new years resolution" list I have gotten pretty close to completing a lot of these goals. 

Here is a reminder of what they were...

  1. Read a min. of 10 Books. --In a book club, so I'm almost there!
  2. Pay off some debt! --Yes! $300 more and a CC is PAID OFF
  3. Write down things I'm thankful for weekly, if not daily. (Hmm...that would be a good  scrapbooking page!) --Hm...kinda forgot about this... SHOOT!
  4. Go to an NBA game. --Done!
  5. Do a snowy photo shoot. --Planning on this Winter
  6. Save for my next tattoo.--Getting it THIS week, pictures to come.
  7. Visit Quebec City for our wedding anniversary.--Went to Europe instead. :)
  8. Complete my 2009 Scrapbook.--Done!
  9. Complete my 2010 Scrapbook.--Done!
  10. Complete my 2011 Scrapbook.--Still to Come.
  11. Complete my Europe Scrapbook.--2013 Goal. 
  12. Complete my niece's Brag Book..--Done!
Think I'm doing pretty well. 

How are YOUR goals coming along?

till next time...